A cheese dairy entrenched in the vivid history of Metsovo.

The cheese dairy of the Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation has been operating in Metsovo since 1955. The vision of Evangelos Averof Tossizza was for it to operate as a vocational school. For this reason, he arranged for young Metsovites from families of cattle breeders to go to Italy in order to study cheese-making. The young cheesemakers from Metsovo managed to pair the method of making certain Italian cheeses with the corresponding Greek method, choosing the types of hard cheeses whose requirements correspond to the milk produced in the Metsovo region. This is how METSOVONE was born from the corresponding Italian provolone. Even today, the cheese dairy’s production is still based on very young cheesemakers.

Other cheeses made by the Foundation in very small quantities, in a limited number of heads, include Parmesan, mezzovella and goat cheese or Maisio with plenty of coarse pepper, made exclusively from goat’s milk. All the Foundation’s cheeses are produced in limited quantities, exclusively with milk from the Pindos region, in a completely traditional manner.


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DesignerJohn Doe
MaterialsWood, Paper