Alufix is an Austrian family business founded in 1964 which specializes in the production and distribution of plastic film and garbage bags for use in the home, restaurants, and commercial businesses, as well as related products such as aluminum foil or grill accessories. For over 49 years, classic household products have been produced under the Alufix brand in Austria. ALUFIX aluminum foil is 99.9% recyclable and therefore contributes to a cleaner environment. ALUFIX aluminum foil can be used in many ways, e.g. for baking, food preservation, food freezing, reheating, storing, frying, grilling, steaming, as well as forcrafts.

A large proportion of Alufix products are produced at the company’s main factory in Wiener Neudorf, on the southern outskirts of Vienna. The high degree of automation in the production of our products utilizing the most up-to-date machinery ensures consistent high quality.

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