EPSA, the most prominent Greek soft drink producer, has been successfully continuing its trajectory on the Greek market since 1924. The factory facilities located in Agria Magnesias, a picturesque seaside village in Pelion, include the production area, warehouses and offices, occupying an area of 24 hectares.

The factory is a true gem in the region as it is housed in a traditional building that has preserved the architectural style of Pelion. However, tradition only pertains to taste and architecture, since the factory’s interior has been modernized and now features two production lines, one for glass and plastic PET bottles, with a production rate reaching 30,000 bottles per hour, and one for aluminum cans, with a production rate reaching 18,000 cans per hour.

In 1996, wishing to make a substantial contribution to the protection of the environment, EPSA installed a state-of-the-art biological wastewater treatment plant on the premises of the factory.

Today, more than 90 company employees do their best to keep the “Lemonade” taste of EPSA unchanged, and they have certainly succeeded.

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