The Cretan honey of the Koutantou family is unique due to the distinctive nature of the region in which it is produced. Crete is the southernmost point of Greece with long periods of sunshine, which contributes to the growth and flowering of numerous varieties of aromatic plants and herbs throughout the year.

Native, aromatic plants, trees, rare shrubs, many of which give honey unique aromas. Plants such as asprothymos (white thyme), dittany, pine, sage, thyme and others are found in abundance. This ecosystem, rich in endemic plants, provides the bees with excellent food to produce honey, which stands out for its excellent nutritional value.

A family of beekeepers continues the tradition which claims that Crete has been producing the world’s most aromatic honey since prehistoric times. An innovation of the company is honey with Ceylon cinnamon, an extraordinary combination since cinnamon is the perfect complement to honey.



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