We invest heavily in the recognizability of our products by designing unilateral and exclusive campaigns. We collaborate with our customers using our own communication tools to achieve recognizability and to have people try our products.



Our aim is for our products to be taste tested in the stores they are sold. We invest in a taste testing strategy and flexible promotional practices.


Development strategy
for fine Greek
food categories

We believe that fine Greek food has a special place on our customers’ shelves. To this end, we provide Category Management and overall management services.


Training of bench professionals

With years of knowledge, we create a complete training program for bench professionals. The 500+ professionals we have trained so far confirm, through their feedback, the comprehensive, objective, and effective training they received.


Order taking and merchandizing
per store in strategic locations
in Greece (coverage area of 11 prefectures)

With modern order taking methods and impeccable merchandizing services, we prove every day that experience and the provision of comprehensive services definitely play a role in success. By constantly expanding our coverage areas, our goal is for our products to travel safely everywhere, meeting any demand.


Warehousing & distribution throughout Greece in large, medium and small
retail HORECA channels

The flexibility, the automation, the variety and the insistence on quality in combination with our modern infrastructure, have made us eligible to the most important customers. From the smallest and most remote store to the largest hotel, restaurant and super market, our customers recognize in us the quality and our value-added services, which guarantee a successful cooperation that is constantly expanding.

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