The company PAGONIS is based in Erythres, Attica and has been active in the production of cheese and dairy products for over 45 years. By maintaining stable and long-term relationships with local cooperating livestock farms as well as with facilities in the wider region, it has ensured full control of the quality of the raw material at all stages. The frequent cooperation between the producers and the company’s technical staff on nutrition and animal management issues, on the one hand, and the final inspection that is carried out on a daily basis in the certified self-inspection laboratory that operates within the unit, on the other, contribute substantially to this end.

The Pagonis family’s extensive knowledge of the dairy industry and the expertise of our company’s staff are factors for a successful trajectory and excellent relations of trust with both consumers and our partners.

The main concern of the Pagonis family is to respect the traditional production methods for dairy and cheese products, as well to support the cooperating Greek livestock farms in terms of quality issues in order to ensure the maximum safety and quality of its products for the consumer.

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