The cheese dairy on Ios began operations in 2007 in an effort to preserve the island’s primary sector and at the same time the culture and love for traditional products. Its products caused a sensation both in Greece and in Italy, where they were presented at the international SLOW FOOD exhibitions “Cheese” in Bra and “Salone del Gusto” in Torino. It is a small, model cheese dairy that uses pure, high quality goat and sheep’s milk. These are excellent cheeses, the majority of whose milk comes from free-range goats and sheep. The dairy is located in Diaselia, above Agia Theodoti, where the animals graze on its paths and their milk is made into cheese within the first 24 hours after milking at most.

Hac vitae sem class fames vehicula nascetur nam tellus a condimentum inceptos mus rhoncus et accumsan fringilla vehicula nascetur amet fermentum rutrum.

DesignerJohn Doe
MaterialsWood, Paper

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