A group of friends created a company with the primary aim of producing and marketing high quality organic products.

“What are we really eating? Are organic products the solution? Are they really organic? Why are these products so expensive? What will we feed our children?”

With its appropriately trained scientific staff, in cooperation with an accredited laboratory and the quality control department of the Agricultural University of Athens, it selects the appropriate suppliers and at the same time provides its industrial customers with the opportunity to develop new products and improve existing ones while using environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Rice cakes, cereals, muesli and biscuits make up a delicious range of organic products.

If they were to choose just one thing to be proud of, this would definitely be Light drops liquid sweetener with stevia. The only one with a dosing pump created in collaboration with EPSA. The product with the unique aftertaste has won the Superior taste award in the international iTQi competition.

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DesignerJohn Doe
MaterialsWood, Paper