There are very few cheese dairies in the prefecture of Attica. One of the few traditional ones, which were modernized and upgraded, is the Kadaidzis cheese dairy in Markopoulo. “IRKALIS KAIDANTZIS & Co., O.E.” has been active in the field of cheese production since 1950. This is a family business, which essentially, as one generation succeeds the other, is based on the passion and love of the Kaidantzis family for tradition and for cheese in particular.

The Kaidantzis cheese dairy is worth getting to know, not only for its traditional cheeses, but also for its modern cheesemaking creations, those beautiful fresh cheeses made from sheep’s milk, plain or seasoned with herbs and spices.

As they themselves say, producing the product represents more than just a profession. Cheesemaking is an art and the Kaidantzis cheese dairy creates by combining expertise with originality.

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DesignerJohn Doe
MaterialsWood, Paper