In Kariani, Kavala, the Estate Protopapa has been producing 12 wine labels in a limited number of bottles since 1985. Wine production is a sacred process which they have consistently devoted themselves to since 1985.

This is an exceptional estate founded in 1985 by Athanasios Protopapas, a chemical engineer. The Estate Protopapa produces wines from its privately owned vineyards covering 300 acres in Kariani, Kavala, but also has an exclusive collaboration with the Holy Monastery of Dionysiou on Mount Athos.

The location of the estate is mountainous, in the region of Paggaio mountain, with an altitude of 250 meters, located 4 kilometers from the sea. The clay rich calcareous soil with a calcium carbonate content of more than 50% is the reason behind the high grade aromatic wines. On the other hand, the vines of the Holy Monastery of Dionysiou are located in Monoxilitis on Mount Athos, where they are more than 65 years old.

The Estate Protopapa produces 12 types of wine in a limited number of bottles, targeted to the most demanding consumers. The grapes are vinified in the modern, privately owned facilities with a surface area of 5,500 square meters located on the vineyards. Total annual production ranges between 250,000 and 300,000 bottles.

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