Aged Graviera with Black Truffle: Strong taste, intense aromas, perfect balance

The aged graviera with black truffle is a unique product based on the strong combination of graviera with aromatic, summer truffle.

It is produced in Boeotia exclusively from 100% pure, Greek, local sheep milk and fine black truffle, which is collected along the mountains of Halkidiki.

The recipe for this special graviera combines perfectly traditional and innovative elements. The black truffle is kneaded by hand in high quality graviera and thus, the cheese acquires all the intoxicating aromas of the truffle. What enhances the taste, however, is the touch of nature, where during its at least 3 months aging, the graviera takes its final form.

What is absolutely certain is that your palate will thank you after this delicious experience.

About the truffle…

“Food of the Gods”, “Caviar of Cultivation”, “Black Diamond of the Kitchen” are only some of the names people have given to this special fruit over the years. In fact, the word “Truffle” has Latin origin and means “Food for Kings”. It is a miracle of nature that offers mythical pleasures to those who love exquisite flavors.

In addition, its gastronomic and nutritional value make it an extremely delicate dish, as it is rich in amino acids, fiber and trace elements, such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, etc.


We suggest you enjoy it accompanied by an aged red wine from Xinomavro and barley nuts, arugula and onion chutney.


About the Producer..

PAGONIS family cheese factory has prepared traditional, handmade cheese products for more than 45 years, with fresh milk collected daily from selected herds.

Each cheese enjoys the care of its cheesemaker, as it monitors them one by one, from the salting, to the rotations in the maturation and the painting of each cheese by hand.


From the 1st taste, the intoxicating aromas of the Greek truffle and the rich taste of the sheep’s milk will captivate you.

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