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 DOMAINE MICHAELIDIDomaine Michaelidi is located in St.Athanasios village in Drama a fertile land close to ancient Filippoi where the evidence prove the wine cultivation in ancient times.Michaelidis family started in 1992 the vineyard with 8 acres while today they reach 120. With the principles of integrated management the varieties are : Assyrtiko,Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, […]

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 DOMAINE CHATZIGEORGIOUDomaine Chatzigeorgiou was founded in 1952 by Vasilios Chatzigeorgiou, a leader farmer  who performed a private land redistribution and gathered an area of  185 acres in Kariani Kavala. He immediately realized the opportunity of the land there so he created one of the first organized vineyards with Greek and French grape varieties. In 2006, […]

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 DOMAINE MERCOURIDomaine Mercouri is on West Pelloponisos, at Icthis cape in Korakochori of Pirgos very close to the Katakolo port and around 30km of Ancient Olympia. It is an old farm with a history of 140 years in wine, olive and raisin production. Its story starts in 1864, when Theodoros Mercouris buys the first field […]

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  DOMAINE TOPLOUThe holy monastery Toplou in Siteia, of Virgin Mary Akrotiriani and Saint John’s Theologos, was built during 14thcentury and it has ever since a very active presence in the social and wine history of the place. The monastery cultivates organic wines and olives and it produces wine, tsikoudia and olive oil that are […]

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 DOMAINE PROTOPAPAIn Kariani, Kavala the domaine has been producing from 1985 12 different labels in limited quantities. For them wine making is a sacred procedure which they serve with respect.It is a very decent domain founed in 1985 by Athanasios Protopapas a chemical mechanic. They have their own vineyards of 300 acres in Kavala but […]

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 DOMAINE KARANIKA At Domaine Karanika they work in harmony with nature to protect the health of people and the earth while producing the finest quality wine.The organic vineyards at the Amyndeo plateau in the far North-west of Greece include old to very old Xinomavro vines, the younger Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon and the almost forgotten Limniona. Their  […]

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 DOMAINE MAGGEL“Agiami” which is type of wind over Kastoria lake is responsible for the sensitive balance of the area ecosystem. This wind is also responsible for the micro-climate of Niko’s Maggel vineyard which gives tasty and aromatic grapes so out of respect he named one of his labels after the wind’s name out of respect […]

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 ACHAIA CLAUSSThe German Gustav  Clauss charmed by the cultural quality of the Achaeans capital and the wine quality decided to create the first wine community of Greece. He builds a huge residential complex with cathedral towers which gives the opportunity to a whole village to live, work and develop around the winery activities, this is […]