epsa orizontes


 EPSAEPSA the most important refreshment industry in Greece continues her successful course in the Greek market ever since 1924. The facilities lie in Agria Magnisia a village by the sea, include the production area the warehouses and the offices and occupy 24 acres.The factory is a jewel for the area as it is a traditional […]

louli orizontes


 LOULIS MILLSOne of the longest Greek companies with history deriving from 1782 when Zoios Loulis builts in Aetorachi village in Ioannina a small stone mill.From the 18th century until today the company’s story is extremely interesting and inextricably tied with important historic facts, with the Greek family and its diet for centuries.  The whole family’s […]

ORGANIC 3S orizontes


 ORGANIC 3SSome friends decided to create to start an industry to produce high quality organic products. “What do we actually eat? Is the organic food the solution? Do we actually eat organic food? Why are they so expensive? What should we give to our children?»Organic 3s has a qualified personnel and in cooperation with a certified […]

sithon orizontes


 SITHONBehind Sithon honey is the work and love by the people of the Agricultural Honey Cooperative of Nikiti Chalkidiki. The cooperative one of the biggest in Europe was founded in 1952. The rare flora combined with the climate is one of the main reasons  why the Sithon honey is among the best honeys in Greece […]

cretel orizontes


 CRETELCRETEL S.A. was established in 1988 as a General Partnership by the Brothers Kargakis.Its first steps in the sector were based on one olive oil production plant with the company at the time mainly engaged in the collection and processing of virgin olive oils from the fertile olive growing area of Southern Crete.In 1995, the […]

kalloni orizontes


 KALLONIIn 1950 Ignatios Petropoulos from Kalloni in Lesvos island, the traditional fish village in Lesvos brings the salted fish technique in Kavala, establishing there his small business. He named it Kalloni as he wanted to keep alive his relationship with his birthplace so he registers his brand name.Today the three modern factories of the company […]

Galaxy orizontes


 GALAXYIn Vasilika Thessaloniki a company is producing high gastronomy sealed with safety in small bottles.Certified by ISO and IFS, they have modern equipment and following the latest trends they produce quality products of a surprising taste and variety. Their range includes balsamic vinegars and creams with flavors like fig, orange, cherry and pomegranate they prove […]

TULIP orizontes


 TULIPTulip company represents the flavors of our childhood. Candies and Turkish delights with recipes going back in 1922 when Prodromos Zafeiridis arrived from Instabul in Greece.He brought with him many traditional recipes of the Greeks of Instabul like Turkish delights and the techniques for the candy production.Today the fourth generation of the Zafeiridis family continues […]

lazaridis domain orizontes


 DOMAIN LAZARIDIDomain Costa Lazaridi is well known and inextricably tied with the wine history of Northern Greece. In 2006, after years of research, a new line of balsamic vinegars was launched in the market based on the production method of the Italian balsamico tradizionale.The history of grape-based products takes us back 2500 years in middle […]

bel orizontes


 BELBel is one the biggest international group of companies born in 1865. Today its products are distributed in 130 countries with 12.0000 employees working for Bel. In 2015 18 billion of cheese portions were sold and it is the number 3 world brand cheese leader in 25 counties. This is a very short story of […]

Biscotti orizontes


 BISCOTTIBiscotti has been involved with pastry making following the family tradition starting back in 1936.The company produces a big range of more than 100 products from salty and sweet biscuits , brioche and seasonal delicacies.  Recently they have enriched their range with syrup desserts.The traditional production method is very important and also the pure raw […]

Bad Heilbrumer orizontes


 BAD HEILBRUNNERThe Bad Heilbrunner beverages are a guarantee for the healthy food market. Made from herbs and pure ingredients they are the best thing you may offer to your body.Medical studies and research have proven the beneficial attributes of the teas. During all history time people have always enjoyed herbs not only as beverages but […]

perfetto orizontes


 DAMAVAND-PERFETTODamavand company in the heart of Thessaly is actvated in processing, producing and packaging of agricultural products and juices in Greek and international market. The factory capacity is more than 150.000 ΤΝ of tomato and fruits per year.The modern facilities lie in Filia village of Karditsa perfecture. In this way the minimize the time between […]

tottis orizontes


 TOTTIS-BINGOThe group of companies TOTTIS-BINGO is one of the biggest in Greece producing packed snacks.The group is 100% Greek as it belongs to Tottis family with a successful course for 40 years and products that have an important position in the market and the preferences of Greek consumer for many generations, with brands like Serenata, […]

fytel orizontes


 FYTELFYTEL EDIBLE OILS LTD’’ operates in the Greek area since 2007 and it’s a 100% Greek company. Main activity is the bottling of olive oil and seed oil and its distribution in the Greek and International market (over 10 countries).The company’s goal from the very first day of its foundation was the specialization, which coupled with daily research today makes FYTEL an […]

eva οριζοντες


 EVAThe Greek Distillery industry EVA produces products identical to the Lesvos island culture where it’s located.  The word “eva” comes from the ancient ‘eviva” which indicates the glasses cheered of people in unique moments.The company that the locals have in their mind as a big family was founded in 1995. Their grandfather from Pergamos of […]