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 KOUTANTOSThe Cretan honey of the Koutantos family is unique to the special land where it’s produced. Crete is the southest part of Greece with great periods of sunlight, which contributes to the growth and  blossom of a great variety of aromatic herbs during year time.Native, aromatic plants, trees and bushes quite rare most of them […]

orizontes rezos


 REZOSRezos company was founded in 1983 and it has managed to win their clients and suppliers trust, having high quality standards. They mostly represent great European companies while at the same time they have created a product portfolio of special characteristics according to the season trends.

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 CRETAN OLIVE MILLThe combination of tradition and innovation Cretan Olive Mill offers constitutes a significant comparative advantage of the company. Based on the valuable lessons of their experience, they handle the olive fruit with responsibility and respect. The concept of cooperation, the pursuit of a common goal with the producers and the necessary efficiency in […]