MPEKAS FAMILYIn our facilities, that stretches out on an area of 1500 sq.m to Thessaloniki’s Sindos region, takes place daily all those quality testaments that guarantee that you’ll find to your table the “package” of love and appreciation of Mpekas Family for the buffalo products.Enjoy our authentic buffalo milk and add to your nutrition delicatessen […]


PLIMAKISAll dairy products from “Asi Gonia” are made from 100% pure sheep’s milk. The main produsts of our cheese factory are: the traditional white cheese in a brine, fresh anthotiros and pichtogalo from Chania.  Our dedication to the traditional methods of cheese making, in combination with our excellent quality and safe processing, guarantee a special taste […]



 TOSITSA FOUNDATIONThis is a dairy that keeps alive the history of Metsovo area.The dairy of the foundation of the baron Michael Tositsa, is operating in Metsovo since 1955. The vision of Evangelos Averof Tositsa was to make it a study school. For that reason we made sure that some young boys from local farmers went […]

steiakakis orizontes


STIAKAKISIn the special island of Crete near Messara the Stiakakis dairy was founded in 1952 with respect to the cretan dairy tradition . People’s knowledge, the traditional recipes, the exquisite quality, are part of the success. Loyal to the recipes inherited and following the highest quality standards.

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PAGONIS DAIRYThe Pagonis company is situated in Erythres Attiki and is activated in cheese and milk production for more than 45 years. Keeping long term and trustful cooperations with local farmers it has full control of the quality of raw material in all stages. The farmers are in constant cooperation with the company’s personnel and […]

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   TZOURBAKIIn Crete, the place where the myth of Zeus and Amalthia was born where Idaio Adro was located one of the most important worship places of ancient times, there is a dairy which among others produces goat cheeses from 100% goat’s milk of Rethymnon area that keeps all the precious attributes.Tzourbaki products represent the original […]

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 LESVOS DAIRYLesvos island with the volcanic subsoil, the mild climate and the countless pastures has a long tradition in cheese producing thanks to the very special sheep milk available at the island.Lesvos dairy at the modern and fully equipped dairy produces exceptional dairy products which include all those special characteristics of the island, the unique […]



 KAIDANTZISIn Attiki’s prefecture there are very few dairies. One of those that managed to modernize and develop is the Kaidantzis dairy in Markopoulo with a histoty going back to 1950. It is actually a family business based on the love and enthusiasm of the family towards tradition and cheese making.It worth’s to meet Kaidan cheeses […]

γαλακτοκομική ζακύνθου


DAIRY INDUSTRY OF ZAKINTHOSBastas family owns also a farm unit and they have been producing cheese three generations back from now. In 2008, Panagiotis Bastas modernized the old dairy and converted it to a vertically integrated unit of milk and cheese products.  All cheeses are produced exclusively from sheep’s milk of animals breeding freely in […]

καλογήρου ορίζοντες


 KALOGIROUThe Greek islands apart from beautiful sceneries they also have special gastronomic culture focused mainly on cheese products. This has to do mostly with the local milk which obtains its special characteristics and aromas  thanks to the special groung and climate of each island. In Sifnos island there is the Kalligiannis dairy. “Gilomeni manoura” is […]

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HADJIPIERISThe founber of the family business could never imagine while helping as a child his father selling traditional cheeses, that one day, the cheeses that himself would produce would be exported all around the world.In 1983 the first production unit was built in Athineou village in Larnaka, Cyprus a place with very strong cheese production […]

Metsovo AE


METSOVO SALocated in Drosochori, Ioannina the family dairy Metsovo SA witnesses the origin of its owners and the rich cheese-gastronomic culture of the “vlachika” cheeses. Using sheep&goat’s milk from Ioannia they produce a big range of semi-hard yelloe cheeses rich in colors and flavors thanks to the smoking procedure and the herbs they use.  



 TALAGANITALAGANI is a unique cheese with its own character that has won it 3 awards in national and international competitions to date. Famous chefs love it and it can be found on the menus of a growing number of restaurants around the country. The producer Mr. Apostolou chose its name which means from the traditional […]

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TOUMAZOSMaybe when hearing “mastelo” you first think of the famous cheese from Chios island but Mastelo is the brand for the dairy products produced by the Toumazos company from local milk.Mastelo is actually the bucket where they used to collect the milk a word from the Enetokratia times.

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 KOUVARAKISIt was 1977 when the first shop of Ioannis Kouvarakis opened in Siteia city in Crete.  In 2004 his sons take over creating a modern dairy always with respect to tradition. The milk used comes from  Lasithi area and mostly  from Zakro which contributes to the excellent quality of their products such as Xigalo Sitias […]

καλλιγιάννη ορίζοντες


 KALLIGIANNIS DAIRYThe Kalligiannis dairy is located in Rethymno, Crete, using traditional cheese making methods and local milk that gives their cheese the very special flavor. Crete is very famous for its dairy products, Graviera from Rethimno, dry anthotyro and goat cheese graviera are some of the products that you need to try.. 

νιωτικο ορίζοντες


 NIOTIKOThe Ios island dairy started working in 2007 having as a goal to keep alive the primary sector of the island’s economy and the love for the traditional products. Their products impressed not only Greece but also Italy where they were presented in international exhibitions like “Slow Food Cheese” in Bra and “Salone del Gusto” […]

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 KRI KRIKri Kri’s high standard production plant is located in Northern Greece, in the middle of the fertile valley of Struma and just 3 km from the town of Serres. Having a history since 1954, Kri Kri S.A. produces ice cream and yogurt from 100% Greek milk from Serres and has earned Greek and foreign […]