If there was a success secret that would be the passion for our work , innovation and flexibility.

The HORECA part of the company is growing strong  something which is actually  tied with our own love for the Greek gastronomic treasures in combination with our comprehension of the needs of the market.

So we have created a unique collection of amazing Greek cheese, wine, cold cuts and other delicacies for the supply of hotels, restaurants, café and catering covering a certain gap to a specialized client group creating at the same time trends in this special market.

We explore every part of Greece that has a special tradition and history, to find producers that cover our high quality standards, and then we choose carefully those products that respesent the certain culture. But our job is far more than selling. In cooperation with the producers, connoisseurs and chefs we organize common actions within which we search for the ultimate taste pairings.

This knowledge is then properly organized giving the value added services like the successful  chese&wine events that we organize.

orizontes horeca
orizontes retail


This is main activity on which the company has been developed. Exclusive partnerships with excellent suppliers, powerful Greek brands, quality products, cooperation with international suppliers and the private label activity, is the key to our flawless cooperation with some of the biggest super market chains.  

With the latest ordering methods and exquisite merchandizing services, we prove every day that the experience and the complete service offer is definitely a part of success.

Constantly expanding our coverage areas, our goal is our products to reach everywhere in safely covering any need.