Alufix orizontes


  ALUFIX Alufix is an Austrian family business founded in 1964 specialized in production of plastic membrane and garbage bags for homes restaurants and commercial business and other relevant products such as aluminum foil or grill accessories. For more than 49 years Alufix is a synonym for household products in Austria. The ALUFIX aluminum foil […]

Johnson orizontes


  SC JOHNSON SC Johnson is fairly considered one of the leader household product companies in the world. With a history of 129 years their products have gained their position in every house in every country and are equal to care and cleanliness. 13,000 of employees, $10 billion sales, 70 countries are some of the […]

Kodak οριζοντες


  KODAK Kodak is an American technology company  with its historic basis on photography. The company is headquartered in New York and it was founded by in 1888 by George Eastman. From the brand known as its excellence in photography over many decades, comes a range of quality batteries to compete with the very best […]

philips orizontes


  PHILIPS Philips is a  diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. Among so many others it offers a wide range of lamps to cover every need guaranteed by the absolute quality the brand Philips offers all those years. CODE PRODUCT 230-014-050 PHILIPS LAMP EL.GENIE E27/18W230V GR4 230-014-060 PHILIPS LAMP EL.GENIE […]

softcare οριζοντες


  SOFTCARE Softcare is a paper industry in Lakoma Chalkidiki. With the best raw material, environmental respect and complying with all quality standards the company produces a range of personal hygiene and household products. CODE PRODUCT 450-001-001 SOFTCARE NAPKIN 80pcs WHITE 450-001-005 SOFTCARE NAPKIN 80pcs CARREAU ORANGE 450-001-010 SOFTCARE NAPKIN 80pcs CARREAU BLUE 450-010-001 SOFTCARE […]