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FREEVIA Freevia was created to offer free access  to food that offer a balanced and delicious diet, without harmful ingredients. Freevia’s philosophy is to enjoy freedom, freedom to choose food that we like and make us feel good without negative consequences to our health. With natural ingredients freevia product range maximize pleasure, minimizing the harmful […]

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BLISS POINT Our passion for fine Greek food and drinks leads us to the exploration and creation of quality, healthy, authentic products with history background. Our goal is to create a global Greek brand, that offers pure and rare flavors in exciting combinations. Having that in mind we traveled throughout Greece and found producers with […]



MPEKAS FAMILY In our facilities, that stretches out on an area of 1500 sq.m to Thessaloniki’s Sindos region, takes place daily all those quality testaments that guarantee that you’ll find to your table the “package” of love and appreciation of Mpekas Family for the buffalo products. Enjoy our authentic buffalo milk and add to your […]


PLIMAKIS All dairy products from “Asi Gonia” are made from 100% pure sheep’s milk. The main produsts of our cheese factory are: the traditional white cheese in a brine, fresh anthotiros and pichtogalo from Chania.   Our dedication to the traditional methods of cheese making, in combination with our excellent quality and safe processing, guarantee a […]



  TOSITSA FOUNDATION This is a dairy that keeps alive the history of Metsovo area. The dairy of the foundation of the baron Michael Tositsa, is operating in Metsovo since 1955. The vision of Evangelos Averof Tositsa was to make it a study school. For that reason we made sure that some young boys from […]

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STIAKAKIS In the special island of Crete near Messara the Stiakakis dairy was founded in 1952 with respect to the cretan dairy tradition . People’s knowledge, the traditional recipes, the exquisite quality, are part of the success. Loyal to the recipes inherited and following the highest quality standards. CODE PRODUCT 110-001-001 STIAKAKIS AGED GRAVIERA WHEEL […]

παγώνης orizontes


PAGONIS DAIRY The Pagonis company is situated in Erythres Attiki and is activated in cheese and milk production for more than 45 years. Keeping long term and trustful cooperations with local farmers it has full control of the quality of raw material in all stages. The farmers are in constant cooperation with the company’s personnel […]

tzourbakis orizontes


     TZOURBAKI In Crete, the place where the myth of Zeus and Amalthia was born where Idaio Adro was located one of the most important worship places of ancient times, there is a dairy which among others produces goat cheeses from 100% goat’s milk of Rethymnon area that keeps all the precious attributes. Tzourbaki […]

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  LESVOS DAIRY Lesvos island with the volcanic subsoil, the mild climate and the countless pastures has a long tradition in cheese producing thanks to the very special sheep milk available at the island. Lesvos dairy at the modern and fully equipped dairy produces exceptional dairy products which include all those special characteristics of the […]



  KAIDANTZIS In Attiki’s prefecture there are very few dairies. One of those that managed to modernize and develop is the Kaidantzis dairy in Markopoulo with a histoty going back to 1950. It is actually a family business based on the love and enthusiasm of the family towards tradition and cheese making. It worth’s to […]

γαλακτοκομική ζακύνθου


DAIRY INDUSTRY OF ZAKINTHOS Bastas family owns also a farm unit and they have been producing cheese three generations back from now. In 2008, Panagiotis Bastas modernized the old dairy and converted it to a vertically integrated unit of milk and cheese products.  All cheeses are produced exclusively from sheep’s milk of animals breeding freely […]

καλογήρου ορίζοντες


  KALOGIROU The Greek islands apart from beautiful sceneries they also have special gastronomic culture focused mainly on cheese products. This has to do mostly with the local milk which obtains its special characteristics and aromas  thanks to the special groung and climate of each island. In Sifnos island there is the Kalligiannis dairy. “Gilomeni […]

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HADJIPIERIS The founber of the family business could never imagine while helping as a child his father selling traditional cheeses, that one day, the cheeses that himself would produce would be exported all around the world. In 1983 the first production unit was built in Athineou village in Larnaka, Cyprus a place with very strong […]

Metsovo AE


METSOVO SA Located in Drosochori, Ioannina the family dairy Metsovo SA witnesses the origin of its owners and the rich cheese-gastronomic culture of the “vlachika” cheeses. Using sheep&goat’s milk from Ioannia they produce a big range of semi-hard yelloe cheeses rich in colors and flavors thanks to the smoking procedure and the herbs they use. […]



  TALAGANI TALAGANI is a unique cheese with its own character that has won it 3 awards in national and international competitions to date. Famous chefs love it and it can be found on the menus of a growing number of restaurants around the country. The producer Mr. Apostolou chose its name which means from […]

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TOUMAZOS Maybe when hearing “mastelo” you first think of the famous cheese from Chios island but Mastelo is the brand for the dairy products produced by the Toumazos company from local milk. Mastelo is actually the bucket where they used to collect the milk a word from the Enetokratia times. CODE PRODUCT 117-001-001 TOUMAZOS MASTELO […]

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  KOUVARAKIS It was 1977 when the first shop of Ioannis Kouvarakis opened in Siteia city in Crete.  In 2004 his sons take over creating a modern dairy always with respect to tradition. The milk used comes from  Lasithi area and mostly  from Zakro which contributes to the excellent quality of their products such as […]

καλλιγιάννη ορίζοντες


  KALLIGIANNIS DAIRY The Kalligiannis dairy is located in Rethymno, Crete, using traditional cheese making methods and local milk that gives their cheese the very special flavor. Crete is very famous for its dairy products, Graviera from Rethimno, dry anthotyro and goat cheese graviera are some of the products that you need to try..   […]

νιωτικο ορίζοντες


  NIOTIKO The Ios island dairy started working in 2007 having as a goal to keep alive the primary sector of the island’s economy and the love for the traditional products. Their products impressed not only Greece but also Italy where they were presented in international exhibitions like “Slow Food Cheese” in Bra and “Salone […]

krikri orizontes


  KRI KRI Kri Kri’s high standard production plant is located in Northern Greece, in the middle of the fertile valley of Struma and just 3 km from the town of Serres. Having a history since 1954, Kri Kri S.A. produces ice cream and yogurt from 100% Greek milk from Serres and has earned Greek […]


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TSIANAVAS In the area of Karditsa in the early 90’s the Tsianava family started producing traditional sausages and cold cuts. Besided the whole Thessaly area has a tradition in that. The small family business had to move quickly to modern owned facilities of 1500m2  investing in machinery, quality certifications and qualified personnel to cover the […]

γευσεις καλλονής ορίζοντες


  GEYSEIS KALLONIS The story begins in 1980 at the Skoutaros village in Lesvos island where the family works with meat products trading. while in 1988 the traditional butcher shop opened in Kalloni’s square. So having the knowledge and experience of the raw material the family starts a modern meat & meat products processing unit […]

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CHASIKOS BROTHERS Kostas and Nektarios Chasikos, continuing their 50 year tradition they built their company in middle 80’s.  Their traditional Cretan cold cuts became famous, the request was increased so in 2007 they moved to a fully renovated and modern facility of meat processing certified by ISO 9001&22000 and HACCP, an innovative unit for Rethimno […]

COMECO orizontes


COMECO The Lavranos family has been involved in producing, processing and packaging meat products ever since 1960. In 2001 “CO.ME.CO. S.A.“ was established. At the fully renovated facilities in Triklino, Corfu, they implement innovative production procedures along with traditional recipes and flavors, always with the latest technology and quality demands for all products. Nouboulo and […]

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OIKONOMAKOS In the blessed land of Kalamata the family small business Oikonomakos  produces excellent quality cold cuts. Pure without conservatives from 100% fresh meat and traditional processing, smoked with wild branches and herbs from Taigetos mountain. CODE PRODUCT 108-010-001 SIGLINO MANIS IN OLIVE OIL ~300- 350gr SIGLINO MANIS IN OLIVE OIL ~300- 350gr The most […]



  PASSALIS Company G & J. PASSALIS SA is a Greek family business that is involved in the field of select food products since 1962.The primary targets of the company have always been, on one hand, the distribution of select international and Greek products of high quality and nutritional value and on the other hand […]

αφοι τιάκα οριζοντες


TIAKAS BROTHERS At the distant Soufli of Alexandroupoli Tiakas produces traditional cold cuts currying recipes and secrets of the East like the famous kavourmas.   CODE PRODUCT 182-150-001 WHITE KAVOURMAS TIAKAS 1 kg 182-150-010 SPICY KAVOURMAS TIAKAS 1kg WHITE KAVOURMAS TIAKAS 1 kg A traditional cold cut produced in Thrace from beef meat with minimum […]

dalimari orizontes


KATOPODI-DELIMARI in 1964 the Katopodi – Delimari family  started producing traditional cold cuts especially for the Lefkada island. The raw material quality and the traditional method helped the family expand its fame and they created  a vertically integrated cold cuts production unit with the air-salami of Lefkada becoming synonymous to their success. Ever since they […]


koutantos orizontes


  KOUTANTOS The Cretan honey of the Koutantos family is unique to the special land where it’s produced. Crete is the southest part of Greece with great periods of sunlight, which contributes to the growth and  blossom of a great variety of aromatic herbs during year time. Native, aromatic plants, trees and bushes quite rare […]

orizontes rezos


  REZOS Rezos company was founded in 1983 and it has managed to win their clients and suppliers trust, having high quality standards. They mostly represent great European companies while at the same time they have created a product portfolio of special characteristics according to the season trends. CODE PRODUCT 306-050-001 ROBERTO TORINESI 360 gr

cretan olive mill orizontes


  CRETAN OLIVE MILL The combination of tradition and innovation Cretan Olive Mill offers constitutes a significant comparative advantage of the company. Based on the valuable lessons of their experience, they handle the olive fruit with responsibility and respect. The concept of cooperation, the pursuit of a common goal with the producers and the necessary […]


domain michaelidi orizontes


  DOMAINE MICHAELIDI Domaine Michaelidi is located in St.Athanasios village in Drama a fertile land close to ancient Filippoi where the evidence prove the wine cultivation in ancient times.Michaelidis family started in 1992 the vineyard with 8 acres while today they reach 120. With the principles of integrated management the varieties are : Assyrtiko,Chardonnay, Sauvignon […]

chatzigeorgiou orizontes


  DOMAINE CHATZIGEORGIOU Domaine Chatzigeorgiou was founded in 1952 by Vasilios Chatzigeorgiou, a leader farmer  who performed a private land redistribution and gathered an area of  185 acres in Kariani Kavala. He immediately realized the opportunity of the land there so he created one of the first organized vineyards with Greek and French grape varieties. […]

orizontes ktima mercouri


  DOMAINE MERCOURI Domaine Mercouri is on West Pelloponisos, at Icthis cape in Korakochori of Pirgos very close to the Katakolo port and around 30km of Ancient Olympia. It is an old farm with a history of 140 years in wine, olive and raisin production. Its story starts in 1864, when Theodoros Mercouris buys the […]

ktima toplou orizontes


  DOMAINE TOPLOU The holy monastery Toplou in Siteia, of Virgin Mary Akrotiriani and Saint John’s Theologos, was built during 14thcentury and it has ever since a very active presence in the social and wine history of the place. The monastery cultivates organic wines and olives and it produces wine, tsikoudia and olive oil that […]

protopapas orizontes


  DOMAINE PROTOPAPA In Kariani, Kavala the domaine has been producing from 1985 12 different labels in limited quantities. For them wine making is a sacred procedure which they serve with respect.It is a very decent domain founed in 1985 by Athanasios Protopapas a chemical mechanic. They have their own vineyards of 300 acres in […]

karanika orizontes


  DOMAINE KARANIKA  At Domaine Karanika they work in harmony with nature to protect the health of people and the earth while producing the finest quality wine.The organic vineyards at the Amyndeo plateau in the far North-west of Greece include old to very old Xinomavro vines, the younger Assyrtiko, Cabernet Sauvignon and the almost forgotten […]

maggel orizontes


  DOMAINE MAGGEL “Agiami” which is type of wind over Kastoria lake is responsible for the sensitive balance of the area ecosystem. This wind is also responsible for the micro-climate of Niko’s Maggel vineyard which gives tasty and aromatic grapes so out of respect he named one of his labels after the wind’s name out […]

orizontes achaia clauss


  ACHAIA CLAUSS The German Gustav  Clauss charmed by the cultural quality of the Achaeans capital and the wine quality decided to create the first wine community of Greece. He builds a huge residential complex with cathedral towers which gives the opportunity to a whole village to live, work and develop around the winery activities, […]


epsa orizontes


  EPSA EPSA the most important refreshment industry in Greece continues her successful course in the Greek market ever since 1924. The facilities lie in Agria Magnisia a village by the sea, include the production area the warehouses and the offices and occupy 24 acres. The factory is a jewel for the area as it […]

louli orizontes


  LOULIS MILLS One of the longest Greek companies with history deriving from 1782 when Zoios Loulis builts in Aetorachi village in Ioannina a small stone mill. From the 18th century until today the company’s story is extremely interesting and inextricably tied with important historic facts, with the Greek family and its diet for centuries.  […]

ORGANIC 3S orizontes


  ORGANIC 3S Some friends decided to create to start an industry to produce high quality organic products.   “What do we actually eat? Is the organic food the solution? Do we actually eat organic food? Why are they so expensive? What should we give to our children?» Organic 3s has a qualified personnel and […]

sithon orizontes


  SITHON Behind Sithon honey is the work and love by the people of the Agricultural Honey Cooperative of Nikiti Chalkidiki. The cooperative one of the biggest in Europe was founded in 1952. The rare flora combined with the climate is one of the main reasons  why the Sithon honey is among the best honeys […]

cretel orizontes


  CRETEL CRETEL S.A. was established in 1988 as a General Partnership by the Brothers Kargakis. Its first steps in the sector were based on one olive oil production plant with the company at the time mainly engaged in the collection and processing of virgin olive oils from the fertile olive growing area of Southern […]

kalloni orizontes


  KALLONI In 1950 Ignatios Petropoulos from Kalloni in Lesvos island, the traditional fish village in Lesvos brings the salted fish technique in Kavala, establishing there his small business. He named it Kalloni as he wanted to keep alive his relationship with his birthplace so he registers his brand name. Today the three modern factories […]

Galaxy orizontes


  GALAXY In Vasilika Thessaloniki a company is producing high gastronomy sealed with safety in small bottles. Certified by ISO and IFS, they have modern equipment and following the latest trends they produce quality products of a surprising taste and variety. Their range includes balsamic vinegars and creams with flavors like fig, orange, cherry and […]

TULIP orizontes


  TULIP Tulip company represents the flavors of our childhood. Candies and Turkish delights with recipes going back in 1922 when Prodromos Zafeiridis arrived from Instabul in Greece. He brought with him many traditional recipes of the Greeks of Instabul like Turkish delights and the techniques for the candy production. Today the fourth generation of […]

lazaridis domain orizontes


  DOMAIN LAZARIDI Domain Costa Lazaridi is well known and inextricably tied with the wine history of Northern Greece. In 2006, after years of research, a new line of balsamic vinegars was launched in the market based on the production method of the Italian balsamico tradizionale. The history of grape-based products takes us back 2500 […]

bel orizontes


  BEL Bel is one the biggest international group of companies born in 1865. Today its products are distributed in 130 countries with 12.0000 employees working for Bel. In 2015 18 billion of cheese portions were sold and it is the number 3 world brand cheese leader in 25 counties. This is a very short […]

Biscotti orizontes


  BISCOTTI Biscotti has been involved with pastry making following the family tradition starting back in 1936. The company produces a big range of more than 100 products from salty and sweet biscuits , brioche and seasonal delicacies.  Recently they have enriched their range with syrup desserts. The traditional production method is very important and […]

Bad Heilbrumer orizontes


  BAD HEILBRUNNER The Bad Heilbrunner beverages are a guarantee for the healthy food market. Made from herbs and pure ingredients they are the best thing you may offer to your body. Medical studies and research have proven the beneficial attributes of the teas. During all history time people have always enjoyed herbs not only […]

perfetto orizontes


  DAMAVAND-PERFETTO Damavand company in the heart of Thessaly is actvated in processing, producing and packaging of agricultural products and juices in Greek and international market. The factory capacity is more than 150.000 ΤΝ of tomato and fruits per year. The modern facilities lie in Filia village of Karditsa perfecture. In this way the minimize […]

tottis orizontes


  TOTTIS-BINGO The group of companies TOTTIS-BINGO is one of the biggest in Greece producing packed snacks. The group is 100% Greek as it belongs to Tottis family with a successful course for 40 years and products that have an important position in the market and the preferences of Greek consumer for many generations, with […]

fytel orizontes


  FYTEL FYTEL EDIBLE OILS LTD’’ operates in the Greek area since 2007 and it’s a 100% Greek company. Main activity is the bottling of olive oil and seed oil and its distribution in the Greek and International market (over 10 countries). The company’s goal from the very first day of its foundation was the specialization, which coupled with daily […]

eva οριζοντες


  EVA The Greek Distillery industry EVA produces products identical to the Lesvos island culture where it’s located.  The word “eva” comes from the ancient ‘eviva” which indicates the glasses cheered of people in unique moments. The company that the locals have in their mind as a big family was founded in 1995. Their grandfather […]


Alufix orizontes


  ALUFIX Alufix is an Austrian family business founded in 1964 specialized in production of plastic membrane and garbage bags for homes restaurants and commercial business and other relevant products such as aluminum foil or grill accessories. For more than 49 years Alufix is a synonym for household products in Austria. The ALUFIX aluminum foil […]

Johnson orizontes


  SC JOHNSON SC Johnson is fairly considered one of the leader household product companies in the world. With a history of 129 years their products have gained their position in every house in every country and are equal to care and cleanliness. 13,000 of employees, $10 billion sales, 70 countries are some of the […]

Kodak οριζοντες


  KODAK Kodak is an American technology company  with its historic basis on photography. The company is headquartered in New York and it was founded by in 1888 by George Eastman. From the brand known as its excellence in photography over many decades, comes a range of quality batteries to compete with the very best […]

philips orizontes


  PHILIPS Philips is a  diversified technology company, focused on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. Among so many others it offers a wide range of lamps to cover every need guaranteed by the absolute quality the brand Philips offers all those years. CODE PRODUCT 230-014-050 PHILIPS LAMP EL.GENIE E27/18W230V GR4 230-014-060 PHILIPS LAMP EL.GENIE […]

softcare οριζοντες


  SOFTCARE Softcare is a paper industry in Lakoma Chalkidiki. With the best raw material, environmental respect and complying with all quality standards the company produces a range of personal hygiene and household products. CODE PRODUCT 450-001-001 SOFTCARE NAPKIN 80pcs WHITE 450-001-005 SOFTCARE NAPKIN 80pcs CARREAU ORANGE 450-001-010 SOFTCARE NAPKIN 80pcs CARREAU BLUE 450-010-001 SOFTCARE […]